Sleep Programming | Confidence & Self Esteem Affirmations | Self Love | Binaural Beats & Iso Tones

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Sleep Hypnosis for Weight Loss ~ mindful eating and exercising

Stop the internal struggle and feeling of deprivation experienced on diets. With mindful awareness, you easily embrace healthier mindful eating and feel naturally more energetic. This is a new hypnotherapy session designed to further encourage a Discover A Lot More

Hypnosis to access higher consciousness before sleep | Prayer to the universe ॐ

Higher consciousness is not an altered state of awareness. It is an open and relaxed state of mind and being; it is your authentic self prior to believing your conditioned mind. When our minds are silent and thoughts become quiet, we more clearly Discover A Lot More

Confidence and Self-Esteem with Self-Hypnosis for Positive Thinking

New Site: This is an audio presented in a video format. It contains several soundtracks to help attain deep relaxation (these tracks will only work with head phones - on a speaker then won't Discover A Lot More