Samantha Deeply Hypnotized 2 – Mindless and Frozen, trigger, pocket watch inductions #hypnosis

Hypnosis! We've found some new footages with the shoot with the lovely Samantha, this video shows Sam's legs frozen and unable to stand up, her mind goes blank, plus a few moments of inductions. Check out the first part of the video here Samantha Discover A Lot More

ASMR relaxation Guided Meditation Hypnosis self esteem confidence

**yes i do private hypnosis** For specific one on one clinical hypnosis 0 each session 0 for SMOKING **YES I DO PRIVATE READINGS ** please like share and subscribe www.facebookHYPNOYOU Pls email Discover A Lot More

Hypnosis For Beating Addiction – Week 3 – (‘Reinforcement I’) – Four Week Plan

Week 3/4 of the 'beat-addiction' series. Skip to the suggestions before listening and set the appropriate volume level so they don't startle you (4 - 8 mins & 12-14 mins approx) Next week: Reinforcement (II) Discover A Lot More

Achieve Your Dreams | Sleep Programming – Train Your Brain | Increase Confidence & Self Esteem

8 hours Of Subconscious Programming for Success Mindset. This is a sleep Programming session with spoken positive affirmations designed develop the patterns of success confidence, Self esteem and goal achievement. This audio can be used for deep Discover A Lot More