56. Self Hypnosis Part 3 (English Subtitles)

Awareness raising talk on Theta Healing.

Self-Hypnosis and hetero hypnosis are two kinds of hypnosis. Hypnotherapy involves hypnotizing the client and creating mental experiences for healing while self hypnosis is a process of going into trance without any help from other person or source. Self hypnosis is used for self development.
Brainwaves are chnaged from beta to alpha in hypnotis state. They are further convereted to theta with more deepening. Theta is a state of brainwaves having 3-6 cycles per second. Theta is a state of deep hypnosis. It is also a waking state and should not be considered as a unconscious or sleeping state.

Theta healing is a healing technique as well. The healer goes into a state of theta brainwaves using a certain prescribed meditative process and connects with the client’s mind to impart healing. To understand it in layman language- it is a process of doing healing of the client by not hypnotizing the client but by taking self in theta state and do the needful for the client.

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