Fear of Public speaking – Cured with hypnotherapy in 2 Hours

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Hypnotherapy : Improve your cells regeneration and success roles part 2

Hypnotic recording designed to help you improve your well being, specifically assisting with cell regeneration and helping you maintain success in your life. This is best used by attaching headphones and playing this while sitting or lying down Discover A Lot More

Karl Smith Hypnotherapy – Street Hypnosis – Part 3 – GoPro

Street Hypnosis with GoPro Hero 3 in Las Vegas on Fremont Street, with Karl Smith from Head On Hypnosis. Suggestibility test which goes quicker than I thought, then a big wake up and energiser. Mixing Therapy and Performance. Do you want to Learn Discover A Lot More

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Doing Great Group Hypnosis Sessions With Hypnotherapy – Part 3 – Trailer

Groups are a great way to increase your income, get referrals, and gain exposure in your market place. This video explains ways that groups can help your practice and will show you proven strategies and techniques for forming and conducting group Discover A Lot More