Secret CIA Human Experiments in the United States: MK-ULTRA Mind Control Research Program

April 1980 MKULTRA Compendium: In 1950, the CIA initiated Project Bluebird, later renamed Project Artichoke, Discover A Lot More

mind control techniques / How to Be An Expert Persuader magic words

mind control techniques / How to Be An Expert Persuader magic words mind control techniques : I'd like to introduce to you my masterpiece.. how to persuade, persuasion techniques, instant persuasion, power of persuasion How Discover A Lot More

Red List News- Mind Control Techniques Control the Thoughts and Behaviors of Lab Participants

Researchers discover techniques to control the minds of lab animals. This new technology that works through the use of a mind control microscope combined with old school techniques of mind control will create a picture of a Brave New World. Discover A Lot More

How to meditate – bangla – simple scientific way of meditation – motivational videos & thoughts

Click here to watch this video about self help, self improvement and how to meditate in 2 simple steps daily. Why: fight or flight response - stress hormones - cronic stress Symptoms of chronic stress are digestive Discover A Lot More

Steven Hassan Guest Speaking: Psychology of Cult Formation at MIT 5-2-13 HD

This talk was sponsored by The Secular Society of MIT as the last one in a series ( and was scheduled months before the Boston Marathon Bombings. The speakers before me in the series were: Steve Pinker on the evolutionary psychology Discover A Lot More

Brain Hacking: Mind Control, Neuroscience, Moran Cerf

Brain Hacking: Mind Control, Neuroscience, Moran Cerf At the 2012 Poptech Conference, Neuroscientist Moran Cerf discusses some recent brain hacking experiments where he and his team have discovered ways to identify which brain cells control which Discover A Lot More

Mind Control Techniques from the JEhovah’s Witnesses Watchtower Society

Mirrored from: I'm a 3rd generation Jehovah's Witness of 50 + yrs . . I did the honest thing and researched the cult and found out its a cunning scam . Many Honest hearted People who try to help JWs do so out of christian love and bible trained Discover A Lot More

How To Enter Alpha Level of Mind Immediately – The Silva Method

Click here to download a FREE Silva Healing Exercise that will get you to alpha level: Many people do not know how to enter the alpha level. There are some simple techniques you can use to enter this state of awareness quickly. Ask Discover A Lot More

Higher-Level WILLPOWER: 4 Techniques from the New Science of Self-Control Shakespeare once said, "It's foolish to assume our power of resolve is constant...we're devils to ourselves, when we tempt the frailty of our powers, by presuming on their changeful potency." This video gets into the Discover A Lot More

Jose Silva – The Silva Method – The Alpha Reinforcement Exercise

Listen to this video any time you need to relax, meditate, or go to sleep. This is not my work, however, so whatever the copyright holder says, goes, but this video is only meant to benefit everyone, and it is not meant for profit, or to otherwise Discover A Lot More

अवचेतन दिमाग की शक्तियों का प्रयोग सीखें – Subconscious Mind Motivational Inspiring By Pankaj Part 1

To get subconscious powers of mind, You should learn isha yoga from here - Infinite Peace & Love to all 🙂 Watch this video in clear sound without background music here - Discover A Lot More