How To Cure Travel Anxiety (Hypnotherapy)

In this video I wanted to talk about my personal experiences with Travel Anxiety and how I used Hypnotherapy to treat it. Since I was child and for as long as I can remember, I have suffered from travel anxiety and get travel sick frequently. The symptoms for my anxiety can start days before I know I will need to travel. The symptoms include high stomach pain, hyperventilation, headache, rapid heart rate, and general feeling like I might die. It can leave me feeling exhausted, negative, shaken and lost.

I one day decided to finally go after a real way of solving it, as having almost 30 years of people telling me to “not think about it” did not help at all. I did a search on Google and found out about Hypnotherapy. I decided to give it a go, though I had to find a therapist close to my home given I was anxious to travel to a therapist far away.

I went for the session discussed my issue, then he proceeded to explain what can cause the issue. He said that the sub-conscience can escalate symptoms before even travelling and make travelling unbearable in an effort to actually prevent you from travelling so you stay at home to remain safe. This goes hand in hand with the feeling that your home is your only safe place anything outside of it is not. He also explained that Hypnotherapy can trick the sub-conscience to not do it any more. He took me through the process of hypnosis, during which you are 100% conscience of every word said, but it is done while you are relaxed to ensure your sub-conscience listens too. After my session I could no longer feel my stomach any more which was fantastic. I went straight to a local restaurant, bought a foot long baguette and a large milkshake and didn’t feel a thing while consuming them.

After weeks later I had a slight regress when I became ill on the way to work. I had a caught a stomach bug, which caused me to sweat a lot, feel light headed, and want to throw up. However, because I caught the bug on the train to work, my brain automatically started to panic, thinking it was a return of my travel anxiety and it put me back in the old state for a few days after. I then returned to the therapist and we did the session again this time targeting my “entire body” and not just my stomach. Since then I have not had any other issues with Travel Anxiety.

I wanted to share this experience with YouTube, because I feel if it even helps one person in the world to solve their Travel Anxiety then it was worth making. If you have any experiences you want to share with me in regards to Travel Anxiety please let me know. Thanks for letting me share!

Any feedback or comments are greatly appreciated.

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