English speaking Psychoherapist in Munich – Hypnosis – Hypnotherapy – quit smoking – lose weight

Juliet Arndt Certified Hypnotherapist & Heilpraktiker for Psychotherapy Expert for non verbal communication Female Hypnotist www.ja-hypnose-muenchen.de ja@ja-hypnose-muenchen.de Study Hypnosis in Munich, Germany Each session I perform is highly Discover A Lot More

Megurine Luka – Roaring Hypnosis [English Subtitles]

Original Title: 狂躁ヒュプノシス (Kyousou Hyupinoshisu) Original Song made by Rerulili (れるりり, 当社比P) Illustrations by 紅 and ぽま, PV by tlo_ Mastering by KagomeP Original translation and translyrics by Translyrical.wordpress.com Karaoke: Discover A Lot More

5 Body Language Tricks To Make Anyone Instantly Like You – Personality Development & English Lessons

5 Body Language Tricks To Make Anyone Instantly Like You - Free English Lessons There's no question that body language is important, you can capture - and hold - anyone's attention without even saying a word. We've selected some of the best body Discover A Lot More

How to use Imagination and visualization for deepening of Hypnosis ( English)

Good Day Every one Imagination and visualization play important part in hypnosis. In fact imagination is considered reality by the subconscious mind. Visualization is a part of imagination. Create a few experiences of imagination and connect them Discover A Lot More

Creative Hypnosis, workshop, Prof. Petr Zivny, Israel, in English

http://www.psicologopz.com part 2, presentation, general introduction contact: International Center of Theoretical and Practical Hypnosis (ICEAH), V.le Caterina da Forlì, 58 - 20146 Milano, ITALY, tel. 02-48709443, cell. 340-8621773. Discover A Lot More

ASMR English ‘Sleep Clinic Role Play’ 수면클리닉 Hypnosis, Breathing, Whispering, Writing

This is 'Sleep Clinic Role Play with Hypnosis, Breathing, Whispering, Writing' English ASMR! I remade my old Korean version! XD Hello everyone! My dear subscribers from all over the world! Nice to meet you! I am Korean ASMRtist PPOMO 🙂 Thank you Discover A Lot More

(Warning. Read the explain) Progressive Relaxation Hypnosis ver.Herion – English

Warning... 1.This video is property of SMH. Any unauthorized use, disclosure or distribution is prohibited. 2. Hear this voice only safe place and comfort position even doesn't move body without your strength. ex) lie down, sit down 3. Hear this Discover A Lot More