Video 2 – Anxiety, Depression, Happiness & Motivation Hypnosis

In this hypnosis session I will speak about and teach you the powerful and effective techniques I use with fantastic results for Clients wth either anxiety, depression or just a genuine negative outlook on life, whilst also implementing my unique Discover A Lot More

Guided Meditation for Centred Happiness (Free MP3 Download)

Download this FREE digital MP3 track: Sleep Hypnosis Special Collection: ► My Downloads on iTunes: ► Discover A Lot More


Hypnosis is a state of human consciousness or altered state of mind or trance. This is the extremely powerful Hypnotic induction Music or Background for self confidence,sleep,laughing,weight loss,happiness and success. Use headphones while listening Discover A Lot More

Hypnotherapy Self-Hypnosis Healing Anti Depression & Happiness Therapy. Overcome Your Fears! Tsetsi

Hypnotherapy & Self Hypnosis for Depression and Happiness. Overcome Your Fears! A GREAT BOOK ON HYPNOTHERAPY: Life Between Lives: Hypnotherapy for Spiritual Regression. Checkout all of my videos in What Discover A Lot More

Ancient Secrets of Happiness Guided Relaxation Hypnosis (A mystical meditation to find happiness)

Get My FREE Meditation MP3 Here ► Come on an amazing guided visualization and discover an ancient book that helps you to find the happiness already within your soul. ~ Jason Stephenson's Sleep Music is ideal Discover A Lot More

Deep Sleep Programming For Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem and Natural Happiness

Get a free MP3: This 40-minute sleep programming session with Delta Waves is designed as a sleep induction and a dream incubation track. The isochronic tones and soothing narration will lull you to sleep and the ideas Discover A Lot More

Free Self-hypnosis recording for weight loss, happiness, and stress reduction

The only self-hypnosis CD to reprogram the subconscious from the mother, father, and child parts of the brain. Uses six forms of induction, eight proven hypnosis tools. Free audio sample. Makes you lose weight and keep it off Helps you sleep more Discover A Lot More

ASMR Dr Dmitri Weight Loss Hypnosis Session also for Relaxation and Happiness

ASMR Dr Dmitri Weight Loss Hypnosis Session also for Relaxation and Happiness If you would like to help support you can in a number of ways: Patreon a monthly amount suggested Donation through Paypal: Social Discover A Lot More

2 Hours Hypnotic Subliminal Suggestions Peace Prosperity Health Wealth Success & Happiness

Wonderfully relaxing sleep programing for you subconscious mind. Powerful wealth attraction subliminal suggestions. Spiritual music, nature sounds, and spoken word containing over one hundred positive affirmations to work with the law of attraction Discover A Lot More