Spiritual Intuition Meditation: trance, spiritual awareness, increased intuition

DOWNLOAD: available NOW at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/brynmadoc8. A deep Theta meditation, ramping in steps slowly down to 7.5 Hz then to 3.5 Hz for 46 minutes before returning to 15 Hz. Many people may find this session is so deep that they fall asleep Discover A Lot More

Activate Your Higher Mind ➤ Program Your Subconscious | INCREASED Well-being! [3 Hrs]

PowerThoughts Meditation Club proudly present almost 3 hours of powerful positive affirmations for personal development and spiritual growth! Through the use of affirmations, individuals can effectively initiate a re-pattering process, whereby habitual Discover A Lot More

WEIGHT LOSS Hypnosis • Father Jim lost weight & increased his exercise. Hypnotist Bryan Toder

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Hypnotherapy for Increased Weight Loss, Metabolism & Body Confidence Guided Meditation

HI Friends, today I am sharing a comprehensive hypnotherapy session that focuses on increasing weight loss, metabolism, body confidence and self love! This is a free 10 minute e-session that can really help make a big difference for a boost in weight Discover A Lot More