Fear of snakes cured [ophidiophobia] – Watch Mark Tyrrell cure snake phobia…

Fear of snakes cured using the Rewind Technique (ophidiophobia). http://www.unk.com/u/rewind-technique-enrol/ Phobias have long been considered difficult or impossible to treat. Here Mark Tyrrell, co-founder of Hypnosis Downloads.com and Creative Discover A Lot More

फोबिया का इलाज | Techniques of Treatment of PHOBIA (Hindi)

Good day everyone Phobia is an irrational fear caused by any object, situation or animal. Body gives very strong reaction to the phobic object. There are several ways of treating phobia such as systematic desensitisation, hypnotic desensitisation, Discover A Lot More

NON VERBAL Hypnosis Induction & PHOBIA Cure 7 points

Non verbal hypnosis Inductions are 1 - fast and pleasant 2 - natural 3 - whole brain healing 4 - naturally therapeutic 5 - based also on the inner growth of the operator 6 - universal as non verbal communication is universal 7 - very deep and transforming Discover Discover A Lot More

The Rewind Technique: Fast Effective Phobia Treatment: Interactive Technique (Use Headphones)

This is an old audio track, but has been requested, so I thought I would share it. In this video I guide you through the rewind technique to help you overcome whatever phobia you may have. This version is generic allowing you to use it with anything Discover A Lot More

Clients Quit Cigarettes, Cannabis, Alcohol, Cocaine & Social Phobia on TV using Hypnosis 4 of 6.

http://www.lifeprinciples.com "How we regained control of our lives from alcohol, cigarettes, cannabis, cocaine, social phobia and weight problems. Barbara from Yorkshire and Camilla from Ireland." For more information refer to our website and Discover A Lot More

Phobia or Fear of Leaving Parents and Home for School Treatment with Hypnosis Hindi School Ka Dar

School phobia is a common problem. Those children to have anxiety of leaving parents have school phobia. Also those children where afraid of teachers and studies have school phobia. School phobia can be treated de - conditioning psychotherapy and Discover A Lot More

Michelle’s Phobia of Heights Cured in 1 Session I Hypnotherapy Gold Coast & Brisbane

http://www.positivetranceformations.com.au Michelle's Phobia of Heights Cured in 1 Session by Micheal Boehm from Positive Tranceformations. Gold Coast and Brisbane. Michelle's Phobia of Heights Cured in 1 Session I Hypnotherapy Gold Coast & Brisbane Positive Discover A Lot More