Stop Anxiety, Depression, Overthinking! | Positive Affirmations + 9 Solfeggio Healing Frequencies

Are you ready to start a repattering process of the subconscious mind? Replacing old negative patterns like anxiety, depression and overthinking and negative thoughts generally with some empowering new patterns that will assist you in your journey Discover A Lot More

Confidence and Self-Esteem with Self-Hypnosis for Positive Thinking

New Site: This is an audio presented in a video format. It contains several soundtracks to help attain deep relaxation (these tracks will only work with head phones - on a speaker then won't Discover A Lot More

Free Hypnosis Video for Relaxation and Positive Thinking

This free hypnosis video session includes binaural beats and hypnotic relaxation technology. It will help you relax and think positively. The subconscious mind is amenable to accepting positive suggestions during hypnosis. With each free hypnosis Discover A Lot More

Mind Changing Hypnosis for Sleep Negative Mindset Becomes Positive Thinking.

In this guided hypnotic visualization you are kindly and gently lulled into a deeply relaxing trance or meditative state where you can work the magic of hypnotherapy to start changing any negative self talk you are in the habit of using into a more Discover A Lot More

Self Hypnosis Positive Mind BOOST Affirmations meditation for postive energy By Jason Stephenson

Get My FREE Meditation MP3 Here ► iTunes MP3 available: asmr hypnosis subliminal depression positive Discover A Lot More

Sleep Hypnosis ~ Your Garden of Positive Affirmations

Download this track: My iTunes tracks: Subscribe for more hypnosis: Sleep Discover A Lot More

Remove Social Phobia, Fear, Anxiety – Positive Hypnotic Suggestions – Brain Waves – Dual Induction

Emotional Freedom : Easily and comfortably obliterate feelings of social fear, anxiety and phobia with this relaxing brain wave hypnosis session. Listen to this as often as you need to until you achieve the level Discover A Lot More

Build Up Your Confidence: Positive Subliminal Affirmations for Self Esteem

Many people struggle with the question of how to be confident. In order to feel a high level of confidence, it’s necessary to value yourself as a human being, develop this inner feeling of self-worth, and appreciate who you are. Self-confidence Discover A Lot More

Guided Meditation for Positive Energy Version 2.0 (Raising your Vibration, Law of Attraction)

To get a free hypnosis audio on letting go of stress then go to To purchase this track go to... This guided meditation was created to help Discover A Lot More

Gastric Band Hypnosis App and Downloads: Slim Positive: How to Lose Weight Fast

Slim Positive Gastric Band Hypnosis have created an App on Google Play Store for you to lose weight easily with Gastric Band Hypnosis, NLP and EFT Sessions. Downloads also at The sessions are so easy to do and you can play Discover A Lot More

Anxiety Relief Hypnosis V.1 | Positive Mental Programming

The script begins after 2 minutes. Skip forward before listening and adjust the volume level accordingly. Anxiety relief hypnosis to create positive self-image and self-talk. Can be used by people with varying degrees of anxiety, though it's primarily Discover A Lot More

Subliminal Positive Affirmations for Weight Loss & Food Addicts

Get My FREE Meditation MP3 Here ► MP3 Available now! CLICK here to read more on how to make your own subliminal messages for weight loss: Has Discover A Lot More

5 Hours Deep Sleep Whisper Hypnosis for Positive Thinking and Free Will – Rob’s Hypnosis 94 n.3 Music: Jazz Okay Discover A Lot More

Be Positive & Learn To Love Yourself – Sleep Hypnosis Session By Thomas Hall

This video will last for 8 hours and will allow you to enjoy a full night of high quality sleep. Simply turn on the video when you go to bed, lay back, relax, and fall asleep. The affirmations in the recording will be absorbed by your subconscious Discover A Lot More